SecureProtect – the Managed Security Service by SecureLink


As the number of security incidents has increased enormously and the techniques applied by attackers are becoming ever more advanced, the detection/stopping of a targeted attack requires continuous infrastructure monitoring. This implies a team of specialists, processes and tooling that carries out monitoring and analysis 24/7.

In the general sense, a lot is now being said about Managed Security Services (MSS). However, the practical interpretation and expectations vary greatly for many organisations and individuals.


Our Managed Security Services


Our MSS are provided under the name SecureProtect. SecureProtect is a modular managed security service that ensures that your security infrastructure is remotely monitored and is kept up to scratch. With SecureProtect, SecureLink offers modular management services. The service includes both Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) services.

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SMVA platform


The basis for MSS forms the on-site SMVA platform. Over the past few years, this platform has been developed by us and provides all the tools and parameters required for the monitoring and management of security environments. It collects the status of the entire infrastructure, provides the necessary backups of the systems to be managed and ensures that events are transformed into ‘actionable’ information for further (security) analysis or proactive feedback by our security specialists. In addition, the platform generates the necessary tickets and reporting and offers the customer a dedicated dashboard.

The SMVA platform is the property of SecureLink and is continually tuned, continually developed and adapted so as to improve the monitoring or management of your security environment. In addition, this platform can be specifically extended with complementary (security) tools such as SIEM, vulnerability management, asset and/or malware management etc.


SecureProtect is a modular 24×7 service that is made up of: